ETHS #153 Eat This Hot Show Christmas Special 2017

Eat This Hot Show’s first episode in 3.5 years! Ragan Fox, Madge Weinstein, and Wanda Widsom get together to discuss current events. Today’s topics include, the #metoo movement, divisions within the Democrats, the future, and navigating the muddy river that is Trump.

2 thoughts on “ETHS #153 Eat This Hot Show Christmas Special 2017”

  1. Welcum baque ladies. I thought about you gurls a lot over the past twelve months, it’s good to have you back during these troubled times.
    I knew it was worth to keep your feed in my app.

  2. OMG! I’ve been in a coma since last year’s election. I feel like I’ve just been awakened by the three fiercest bitches with mics! And they brought a pitcher of martinis to share!

    Welcome back ladies! Now that you’ve hit the vein I’m gonna need a regular dose!

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